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Crimp pins machine TFP-2.0

Products description:

  • Size:330mm*320mm*715mm
  • Weight:80kg
  • Model:TFP-2.0

    Products description:

    Also named crimp pins machine,automactic crimp pins machine,crimp pins equipment,crimp pins devices.

    Burndy crimper,plug wire crimper.


    Frequency conversion control system to accomplish mute, energy conservation and environmental protection.

    It adopts insert pin type location disc to ensure the accuracy of location and the convenience of change applicator.

    It’s normal model for kinds of terminals.


    Stroke: 30mm
    S.P.M: 175/min
    Crimping force: 2.0ton
    Motor: 0.75kw
    Power supply: 220V,50Hz
    Dimensions: 330mm*320mm*715mm
    Weight: 80kg


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